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Serving Cornwall, Ottawa, Kingston and Brockville


Crack Injection

Foundation Repair

Crack Injection

Foundation Repair

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How to check for basement water damage

Leaking basement or water seepage is a condition that must be dealt with as soon as possible, or you could eventually face huge bills for repairing or replacing foundations, walls and floors. Water in your basement also poses a health and electrical hazard.

Obvious signs of basement water damage

Check for the 8 major signs that water is doing damage to your basement.

  • Wet spots on the basement walls
  • Cracked walls in the basement or crawl space
  • Peeling paint
  • Rot, mold, mildew
  • Efflorescence
  • Insects/ bugs
  • Damaged paneling
  • Cracked floors

Wall surfaces

Search for vertical or horizontal cracks. Some may have fully penetrated the wall, opening routes for water entry – depending on local water table and soil conditions.


A (whitish powder) which could indicate seepage which tend to get worse

Structural points

Examine corners where frames butt against foundation walls. These junctures are often uneven, resulting in gaps.

Masonry block walls

Look for signs of staining in the block closest to the basement floor. This could mean water building up inside the wall and deteriorating block’s integrity.


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