Serving Cornwall, Ottawa, Kingston and Brockville

Serving Cornwall, Ottawa, Kingston and Brockville


Crack Injection

Foundation Repair

Crack Injection

Foundation Repair


Crack Injection Foundation Repair

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Free foundation inspection and quotes 

Crack injection does full service foundation repair and waterproofing. We specialize in polyurethane injection resin repairs from the inside which also work from the outside when inside access is not an option. 

Once injection is complete our polyurethane foam expands bonding to the concrete and filling any voids to form a water tight seal which stays flexible.  This method saves costly digging and prevents any future leaking.

Exterior excavation and foundation water proofing also an option..

Window well installation

Proper window well installation is important to ensure proper drainage around windows and prevent water from seeping in window sills.

Our team will excavate down to the drainage tile, backfill with the proper drainage material and fasten a new window well to ensure water seepage is never an issue. 

Backed with our lifetime warranty you can be assured that our polyurethane injected cracks will never be an issue again. 

It is our goal to provide beyond exceptional service so you never have to worry about a wet damp basement again. 

Serving Cornwall, Ottawa, Kingston, brockville